Contracts ? Companies ? Events
12,4 m
338 138 in 30 days
Active procurements
96 K
9 889 in 24 hrs
Bidding without participants
15 %
-1% in 30 days
Active companies
7 791 K
15 234 in 7 days
Blacklisted companies
944 K
4 688 in 7 days
5 299 K
4 011 655 in 7 days
Procuring entities
191 K
3 964 in 6 months
616 K
53 781 in 6 months
12 720 K
399 028 in 30 days
Blacklisted suppliers
9,8 K
282 in 7 days
Complaints to the FAS
85 K
123 in 30 days
Failed procurements
3 741 K
49 832 in 7 days

The state-of-the-art solutions for your business

For state-owned enterprises, large businesses and SMEs.

Nothing ventured. Profit gained
SMEs Suppliers
Enhanced operations
Procuring entities Large business
Streamlined compliance
Government Corporations State-owned companies
Nothing ventured. Profit gained
Analyse demand and apply for the best bids. Find reliable partners and discover your competitors' weak spots. Calculate risk prior to dealing and stay up-to-date about the market.
Recommending the best procurements
Comprehensive due diligence
Analysing subject's media coverage
Contracts Total
12 720 K
+ 399 028 in 30 days
SME Regsiter
5 299 K
+4 011 655 in 7 days
Active procurements
96 K
- 9 889 in 24 hrs
Active companies
7 791 K
- 15 234 in 7 days
Blacklisted companies
944 K
+ 4 688 in 7 days
Enhanced operations
Automate operations for your tender specialists and sales force. Build a competitive edge by following the most moneymaking procurements. Get your calculated chances of winning and prepare documentation twice as fast.
Automated document management
Predicting potential competitors & winning prospects
Corporate connections tree
Streamlined compliance
Take control of your purchasing activities and expenses under 44-FZ and 223-FZ. Choose the best initial maximum price of a contract and use our solutions to substantiate it. Gain competitive advantage through comprehensive price analysis.
Rating procurement efficiency
Calculating average (product) price
Risks and violations alerts

About Seldon

We develop and implement the solutions of the future.

Collecting data from all over world
Making sure information on companies, tenders and events is clustered and well-structured. Automatically. 24/7.
Analysing calculated indicators
Exploring the realms of Big Data and machine learning for the benefit of our clients.
Developing linguistic technologies
To accurately analyse the today's media agenda, enhance our search engine and make our products multilingual.
Conducting predictive market research
Indicating trends and drawing reliable conclusion to support further decision-making.
Giving a whole new meaning to efficiency
Implementing automation and optimisation of the government and private business operations.
Designing user-friendly interface
Ensuring our solutions are easy to work with and unleashing the potential of well-presented data.


Open up new opportunities with MySeldon.

Achieve success in tenders
Follow the recommended tenders, know your chances of winning and keep track of competitors.
Substantiate the initial maximum price of a contract
Search for contracts, conduct price analysis.
Conduct due diligence and find partners
Assess company's reliability by looking into its strengths and weaknesses.
Control procurement
Analyse procurement effectiveness, mitigate risks and avoid penalties.
Bid teams solution
Automate operations, delegate responsibility and monitor efficiency.
Stay up-to-date with the world
Read relevant news, get event assessment and access profiles of companies and people.
Participate in tenders
Search for tenders, analyse markets and check procuring entities.


We consult. We train. We tackle financial risk.


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